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August 10, 2013
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August 10, 2013

Park City Music and Instrument Rental Company

Park City Music and Instrument Rental CompanyPark City Music offers you an opportunity to play your favorite band and orchestra instruments. We are helping you give your students a head start through our Park City Utah instrument rentals. This way, as your student grows he can upgrade to an instrument that is compatible with his growth, while accumulating credits each month toward the purchase of a full size instrument that will fit his needs later on.

Here at Park City Music we understand the passion for music and we are offering a flexible and cost-effective instrument rental program in Park City, Summit County, Kimball Junction, Wasatch County, and Salt Lake City on demand. You are welcome to purchase your band instruments any time during the first 4 years of renting if desired. Each instrument accrues credits from 70-75% of the monthly rental amount and you can even upgrade and buy a different instrument without losing your 4-year credit.

Park City Music supports all aspiring musicians through our Park City instrument rental program. That is why, unlike other companies that require you to pay for all at once from violins, violas, cellos, trumpets, trombones, clarinets and flutes, we offer a flexible instrument rental program  that complies to our own policy, making it easier for students. Finding the perfect instrument that meets your needs and shows your talent in the best possible way is not easy, but Park City Music is your helping hand in reaching your best potential! Park City Music’s rent to own policy is flexible and encourages our clients to upgrade their instruments as they progress in their skills over the months and years that they play.

Music is our passion too and we want to do everything in our power to support the future stars! Whether you are a guitar player, or you feel comfortable playing the drums, our instruments for sale can keep you sharp and reach that music zenith in the soonest time possible. Located in Utah, we offer drums, guitars, and different musical instruments and accessories in our store in Park City, Snyderville.  We offer instruments from the best companies, such as Besson, Ibanez, Alvarez, Washburn and Fender.

Our guitars range from Stratocaster guitars to Martin Sigmas! From a guitar with a single coil pick up to guitars with Floyd Rose set up and Humbuckers, we have it all for you!  We also offer sheet music for a variety of classical, modern and Broadway pieces.

Park City Music serves all of Park City, Summit County, Kimball Junction, Wasatch County, and Salt Lake City on demand. Call us at 435-649-2295 for more information on our Park City instrument rental program.

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