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Park City Music LLC features a wonderful selection of musical instruments, supplies, and accessories for all genres of music. We offer music accessories and music equipment for everything you might need for your music gear. We understand you passion for music and the excitement you get when buying your first Les Paul guitar or drum set. Park City Music provides you with all the equipment you need at the lowest prices, from the best companies, such as Besson, Buffet, Yamaha, Knilling, Paganini, Etude, Ibanez, Alvarez, Washburn and Fender.

From guitar tuners, cables or cases to bass and violin strings or drum mallets, we have it all, for a complete customer satisfaction. Finding the perfect instrument that meets your needs and talent requires finding the best accessories for it. Browse through our selection of music accessories for guitar, drums, violins, bass, clarinets, saxophones, banjo or mandolin and choose the one you like. We are happy to help in every way possible so please stop by our store in Park City or give us a call at (435) 649-2295 if you have any other questions.

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